Planting trees – John van der Goes

After 12 years or so of re-fencing and rearranging our farm we now want to start planting trees and the stream that runs through it. I have talked about doing this since we first came here. For a long time I was unsure how to tackle this project, not wanting to start and have to change things because it wasn’t right. I had a lot of questions and not a lot of answers. I would like to plant four to five trees along most fence lines, for shade and as wind breaks, along one boundary and up along a road side. I have managed over time to pick up bits and pieces, and got hold of Naturally Native, who have come out and looked at the farm and heard about what I would like to do. They have given me a number of suggestions and it seems like I wasn’t too far off the mark. So I have come up with a plan (it is all in my head) to plant areas gradually over time, starting off with three paddocks in May ‘15. I have decided to plant the same species along each fence line, and each fence line’s a different species. The boundary will have a mixture of quick growing trees and slower growing natives. Roll on May.


One thought on “Planting trees – John van der Goes

  1. Hey John
    What trees in particular did they think were suitable for your place and what situations were they suitable for e.g. which ones for fencelines?


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