Brian Frost



Hi, my name is Brian Frost. My wife Bridget and I are not from farming backgrounds but I found my way into the industry after growing up in Auckland and always knowing I wanted to be farming. I spent two and a half years in the cadet scheme and completed a Diploma of Agriculture at Massey University. I then moved to the South Island and contract milked on the Taieri Plains for six years.

I then went 50:50 sharemilking and in 1989 bought a 73ha farm (with 50ha runoff) on the Taieri Plains, milking 200 cows. I bought more land and in 1995 met Bridget in Auckland. We got married and spent three more seasons at Taieri before selling up in 1999.

We have four children (Mitchel, 17; Siobhan, 16; Stafford, 14; and Devon, 12) and enjoy being part of our community.

2 thoughts on “Brian Frost

    • Hi Robyn.

      Thanks for your question! Currently we are going to use 55% pke, 30% tapioca,12% corn gluten, 3% minerals (6-7 kg/cow/day) also feeding P8 instead of molassas that we fed during winter. We were feeding 85% pke, 12%corn gluten, 3% minerals.



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