Noldy Rust



Hi. My name is Noldy Rust. My wife Bev and I bought our 200 cow dairy farm situated in the district of Te Pahu, western Waikato in 1996. We love the area for its location, natural beauty and suitability for dairy farming. We have been fortunate enough to have raised three girls, two of whom have left home (sort of) and one that can’t afford to yet…(poor uni student!). We still have our 10 year old foster boy Hayze at home, keeping us young at heart and involved with our local school, swimming club and other activities 10 year old boys get up to!

I have enjoyed farming all my life, in spite of only going farming when I left school because I didn’t know what else to do! We have enjoyed intensifying our system whilst endeavouring to keep it simple and profitable, so as to maximise any opportunities to be involved off farm in community related activities.

My career took a bit of a turn a few years back, when I was offered a position with Genetic Technologies as a maize seed rep. This has opened up opportunities to work off farm but still be involved in the agricultural sector, meaning I now have the best of both worlds, still dairy farming, albeit not on a regular basis, and also meeting other farmers and assisting them in any way I can in the use of maize silage in their farm system. I am also privileged in being a committee member of the Smaller Milk and Supply Herds group (SMASH), a role that is rewarding in bringing together smaller herd farmers to meet, learn and share ideas. These off-farm roles have enabled us to employ a farm manager and use our smaller farm as a stepping stone for younger guys to progress through our fantastic dairy industry.

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